Webbing spiders

Have you been walking outside your home only to run into spider webs, and have ended up becoming a spider ninja?

There are many different webbing spiders such as Red backs, orb weaving spiders, blackhouse and daddy long legs.

Most common household spiders spin their webs over lamps or around where lighting can be a source of other insects which spiders’ prey on, in curtains, railings, around windows and gutters, thus creating an unsightly appearance.

Ground dwelling spiders:

There are many different ground dwelling spiders such as wolf spiders, mouse spiders, white tip spider, trap door spiders and huntsman.

Ground dwelling spiders can live in burrows in your yard under logs, rock or in your gardens, they can gain access to your home, beneath external doors, through weep holes, or by shoes, bags which have been left unattended outside.

Help hints for spider control:

  • Vacuum in areas that are not used a lot, under desks, behind lounges etc
  • Make sure you seal and crack or crevices in walls or around pipe work, and under external doors
  • Remove any noticeable webbing regularly
  • Deter all insects- close curtains so the lighting is not attracting other insects outside near the window, try not to use external lighting regularly
  • Install screens on windows and doors
  • Keep the grass mowed
  • Use yellow lighting around the External of your home
  • Get a regular general pest service not exceeding 12 months

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