Are you hearing scratching in the wall or ceiling mainly at night?

Were you sitting in the lounge room and saw something out of the corner of your eye scurry across the floor?

Rats and mice left untreated can quickly multiply in numbers and chew through electrical cables, walls, even lead pipe.  Their droppings and urine have also been linked to triggering asthma in children and can carry many different diseases.  CPR Pest Management Services will assess your property and create a tailored plan for your home, providing you with advice on treatment and prevention to avoid further infestations.

  • Take note of where you have seen activity or droppings and tell our technician

Preparation hints before your service

  • Ensure all food is stored securely in sealed containers, including pet foods and other food sources externally
  • Repair any holes in walls and fill gaps that exist in flooring, doors or windows
  • Clean, sweep and vacuum the house ahead of the treatment and regularly after the service
  • Eliminate any unnecessary cardboard, paper or packaging that rats can use for making nests
  • Be aware of where you have seen activity or droppings and let you pest technician know before starting their inspection/service
  • Trim any trees/branches against your house that could act as a runway into your roof

CPR Can Tailor A Solution For Your Needs

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Using only Low Odour & Low Toxicity Chemicals
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